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We are an artist couple who fell in love with Oberammergau and its nature.

When we were offered the old Mussldomahaus in 2014, it was love at first sight and the first step towards Oberammergau for us personally and to renting out holiday apartments. With the help of many hardworking hands, we have completely renovated the house and brought it back to life.

But that was not enough for us :-) When we were offered the Hennala house next door in 2018, we were thrilled by the moment and fell in love with this house, renovated it from the ground up and gave new life to it. It took a lot of fellow thinkers and helping hands again.

We would especially like to thank the Eich joinery company in Oberammergau for advice and action, Elektro Küfner in Bad Kohlgrub, the Pfister restoration company in Landsberg, the insulation company Colorio in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Schauer company, heating and bathroom installation, the Raggl company in Oberammergau and last but not least Dr.Könner, chief curator of the Bavarian monument protection.

Now we are happy and proud that we can offer you our holiday apartments for your vacation in Oberammergau.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Sincerely, Cornelia & Lutz Wengler


Cornelia and Lutz Wengler, holiday apartments in the Lüftlmalereck in Oberammergau
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