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In the historic center of Oberammergau, almost directly next to the parish church of St. Peter and Paul, the Mussldomahouse has been located in the Lüftlmalereck since 1690. It is considered the oldest farmhouse in Oberammergau, has frescoes on the main facade by the famous painter Franz Seraph Zwinck, known as "Der Lüftlmaler" and is therefore under monument protection. Right next to it is the also listed Hennalahouse with its apartments.

You are cordially invited to this wonderful holiday home with two cozy but modern holiday apartments for two people each with a breathtaking mountain view and a beautiful garden.

The apartment on the ground floor is called "Sonnengelb", the one on the first floor is called "Himmelblau". They are located in the back of the building, have their own entrance and can also be booked together, so that you have a self-contained, quiet holiday home. You are cordially invited to use the garden on the south side of the house.



The Mussldomahouse in Oberammergau
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