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Welcome by heart to the  Lüftlmalereck!

Logo holiday apartments in the Lüftlmalereck

Our two houses Mussldomahaus and Hennalahaus are located next to each other in the Lüftlmalereck. The Mussldomahaus was built in 1690 and has a long history of carvers. Even a Jesus actor who took part at the Passion Play had his home here. The Hennalahaus, built in 1747, was a farm house with a cowshed until a few decades ago. We renovated both houses with a lot of love and passion. In both there are parts where we live and parts where the holiday homes are located. In the Mussldomahaus there are two holiday apartments, "Sonnengelb" on the ground floor and "Himmelblau" on the first floor, each for two people, which are on top of each other and can be reached via a separate guest entrance. You can also book both together, then the entire guest house part is at your disposal. Two holiday apartments have been created in the Hennalahaus, each with its own entrance, "Apfelgrün" in the west and "Rosarot" in the east, each for four people. You can also book these together. Then you can open the passage and have a holiday home for eight people.
Our two holiday apartments in the South are completely new: "Stall", barrier-free on the ground floor and "Heuboden", a loft on the first floor, each with a bedroom for two people plus a pull-out couch for two people.

Cornelia & Lutz Wengler, Lüftlmalereck 1, 82487 Oberammergau, Fon: +49 8822 2293492, Mobil: +49 174 3796281, Mail:

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